Daria – 23 Finial 1034

This shit’s getting ridiculous. I always thought retirement was gonna be restful… Ha! Should’ve known better. Nothing’s ever easy in this fucking city. Last night, the Guard came down to the Hollows, roughed up some looters. It’s a sad day when the soldiers meant to protect the people turn on them. I know the Guard’s not an easy life, hell I know first hand, but there’s a code, unspoken rules… I guess with all that’s happened some of that basic morality’s been going to the wayside.

Helped Kar clean up his shop afterwards. Poor man’s shaken, but there’s not much for it. He’s a good man, all the people down here are, but times are hard and when people got nothing to eat… things get messy. I’ve been doing what I can, but I’m just one woman, past her prime, without much for myself. Maybe…

I hate to think about it, but I’m gonna have to talk to Milena… That woman, though… she just… ugh. She’ll never let me live it down. But, my pride’s nothing if it means helping a few people out. And she’s always good on her word. If she can do something for me… she’ll get it done.

                                                                                                                             – Daria


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