Kazimir – 26 Finial 1034

Ah, hello? I guess… This is weird. Um, Nika gave me this book to write some of my thoughts down. How’d she put it? “Reflect on my trials and tribulations?” She likes big dramatic words. So, I guess I’ll try it out. I’d hate for the book to go to waste…

Yeah, so things have been… they’ve been a little crazy if I’m being totally honest. The last of the troops just got back from the border, but things in the city, well, they’re not good. Nika’s been tense as a bowstring for weeks, and now with her dad the king’s condition getting worse and worse… Things just aren’t so good.

Father came back with his troops. That’s nice, I guess. He’s still… distant? Nika told me not to worry about it, that he’ll come around, but, I don’t know. She’s been saying that since we were kids, and well, nothing’s changed. I try the best I can. I’m the best in my class at the academy, I’m all set to take the Knight’s Trials, even the king’s told me I’m doing well… I just don’t know what else I need to do to get him to be proud of me, or, you know, even notice me.

Ah, well… It’s getting late. I told Nika I’d spar with her before it got too dark. We’re going into the city tomorrow, Nika want’s to see if she can personally do some good, calm some tensions. Seven knights are going with her, and me, but I can’t help but feel like somethings terrible might happen…

                                                                                              – Kaska


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