Daria – 26 Finial 1034

That woman’s going to be the death of me, I swear to whatever shitty god is smiling down there. Oh, she’s great in a tight spot, even better when you’ve got a hangover the gods wouldn’t envy, but as soon as you need a favor, she just… AGH!

Alright, so her deal was that she’d push the food relief, but I have to make the petition myself.

I think she has selective hearing. I mean, I fucking know I told her I was gone, out, done with palace politics and that whole shit show. But the damn witch can’t let it go. UGH.

Shit, crap! Got ink on my damn face… (I blame you, Milena.)

Anyway, there’s not much for it. They’re taking public petitions in a few days, so I’ll be up there, professing my undying loyalty for the land or some shit like that and hopefully getting something fixed down here.

Shit… I need a drink…

– Daria


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