Milena – 26 Finial 1034

Well it certainly has been an eventful week. Sir Maerlen’s return (with his legions in tow) stirred up some interesting trouble in the lower parts of the city. Not to mention the droves of fleeing countryfolk who arrive each day from the northern foothills regions. Really, the situations is getting quite dire and still my pleads for aid fall on deaf ears. I mean, really, what do those dolts in the Council think happens when you wage a useless war for the better part of a decade? And how exactly do they think they’re going to rebuild Maior Dahl? It certainly won’t be those pompous knights, running around feasting and cavorting like it’s the Turnyear already. I tell you, if they don’t start giving a damn about those people down in the Hollows and Ridgebase, the good, hardworking folk that would otherwise keep this country fed… Well, the country won’t get fed again.

Ah, well, at the very least this crisis has had one fortunate outcome. My dearest Daria was up in Medolan only yesterday, paying a visit to ask after food relief for her neighborhood. I told her she should have moved into Wethwick, at least, but she stands by her decision. Says that she doesn’t need much and the Hollows has been her home since before she could, and I quote, “sling a stick sideways.” (Note: ask what exactly that means. Daria is always spouting these strange turns of phrase…) Anyway, I told her I’d do my best to push the matter with the Council, but I insisted that she appear and make the plea in person. I’m a staunch believer in constituent participation, and nothing tugs at the heartstrings more than a concerned citizen. Although, now I think on it, the Council is not known for being the most compassionate ruling body. I can only hope Her Highness Nikelaia will be there. She certainly has a way with words, a brilliant child, to be a brilliant queen one day…

Yes, but Daria does seem to be doing well in her retirement, and I’m so glad to see it. Though, the palace is all the duller for her absence, and, if I do say so myself, the Guard meaner. There are some bad apples in that lot, and I’m afraid that the group’s taking a turn for the worse now that she’s gone. Oh, I do wish she’d return, but well, how does one argue with Daria Hollowsen once she’s set her mind to something? (Not easily or lightly, that’s for sure.)

Oh, but look at the time! I’ve just got to get to Karan’s before the sun’s down. She said she’s just gotten that shipment in of anise, perhaps the last in a long while!

– Milena


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