Nikelaia – 27 Finial 1034

Oh, dear readers, (yes, I shall maintain this farce that anyone is going to read these journals ever. It gives me false, if not comforting, hope of my own theoretical future of greatness and fame…) Anyway, dear readers, I have the most exciting report for you all.

You know how I have been meaning to spend more time down in the lower districts? Getting a feel for the atmosphere, talking to people, trying to do some good? Well, that part of the mission went spectacularly, despite all of Kaska’s worrying and nagging. It was a hugely successful trip, and I whole-heartedly intend to continue making such trips in the future. The situation is bleak down there, but I think with the right mindset and a bit of hard work (and no small amount of strong arming in the Council), we’ll have Rimbar steering in the right direction. Kaska worries, of course, and Father’s none too pleased, but how exactly am I supposed to go about being a proper Queen if I don’t even spare the time for my own people? Gods know that the upper classes waste their time partying and hob-knobbing when they could be doing some real good… but alas, I think it may take a little more time before I start turning them around to see things my way.

I spoke with Milena diRacsinar just earlier this evening and she told me that there’s a retired Guard who’ll be making a public petition later this week in the interest of the Hollows concerning the food shortage. I’m absolutely thrilled and I can’t wait to meet her! If things work out, I’ll be able to make a good connection with her and then, hopefully, Father’s decision notwithstanding, make something of my efforts to help out the lower districts. Public petitions don’t often get the time they deserve, but with not only Milena diRacsinar’s support, but also my own, I can only hope the Council will see sense…

Anyway, enough of my babbling, you want to hear the good parts.

While we were out today, we made a quick stop in Guildhold to pick up some parchment and the like and while I was in the shop, I hear this great loud commotion in the street. So, obviously concerned (I mean, I did leave Kaska practically unattended, and goodness knows the poor boy can get into a right spot of trouble without doing much…) I raced out, only to see that Kaska had managed to tumble straight into a young man, an apprentice by the look of his apron, as he got off his horse. The two were all tangled together, the poor apprentice’s things tossed all over the street… Now readers, I don’t claim to know a great deal about anyone’s inner thoughts, but believe you me, Kaska’s mind was utterly and completely blank as he simply stared at this apprentice. I know I’ve told you before, but my dear, sweet Kaska is utterly hopeless when he’s smitten with someone, and by the gods, was he smitten with this boy. I couldn’t help but laugh, I felt so terrible, but, well, what was I to do? Poor Kaska was red in the face, all through is profuse apologies and attempts at helping the fallen apprentice, even when we rode away… When I asked him about it, he told me, and I quote, “Nika… I’m fairly certain I’d have done anything he asked of me.”

Poor boy’s got it hard.

Ah well, best as always.

– Nika


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