Daria – 30 Finial 1034

These people don’t understand what’s at stake.

Ah… I knew it wasn’t going to make any damn difference if I went myself. I told her that. These Council idiots wouldn’t know to jump in a pond if their fancy fucking coat was on fire.

The petition went about as well as you’d imagine. I made my case, never been one to mince my words and maybe that didn’t go down so well with their fancy fucking wine, but I’m not going to play their games. I told it like it is, the Hollows and Ridgebase are reaching their breaking points. There’s only so much that minimal food rationing and an under-disciplined and over-confident police force can do. Sooner rather than later, there’s going to be revolt and this city will fall. Twelve fucking years of war and it’s going to be her own damn people who’ll see Rimbar fall. The Council thinks they’re safe, up in their fancy houses with their Guards and their gates… I’ve seen what hunger and desperation will do to people. The Council doesn’t know the first fucking thing

Well, at least Milena pulled through. Made a damned good speech and everything (she always has had a way with words). Hell, even the Princess was pushing for it. Didn’t realize how much the little kid’s grown up. Heh. She’ll make one hell of a queen if she gets the chance.

I suppose now we wait. Maybe the holiday will put a bit of a damper on this smouldering wreck. Still… There’s been talk these past few days, talk that the Doom’s finally coming. It’d seem foolish if there weren’t so many uncanny coincidences. But I’ve never been one to place too much stock in the ramblings of the long dead. If the Doom’s coming, let it. I’ll be down in Kar’s tavern, drinking away the Turnyear.

Speaking of which, I made the rounds earlier. Reska’s grave needed a bit of cleaning, what with her mother pushing eighty this year. Left a few sweetbuns for the old timers. Tal always said he’d prefer a good cask of ale, but to hell with it, I’m a traditional woman. It’s strange to think how long it’s been…

Look at me getting all nostalgic. Seems like an ideal time to head downstairs and drink away my sorrows. Sounds like others have already started up the celebrating. Hopefully Kar saved me that back table I like. Don’t much feel like sharing a drink tonight.

Well, here’s to a prosperous new year. Rest well, friends.

– Daria


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