Kazimir – 30 Finial 1034

I’m worried.

Nika always says I’m such a worry-wart, but this time… There’s something terrible happening, and I’m not convinced it’s as straightforward as it seems.

Yesterday, Nika insisted I come with her to the Council meeting. She wouldn’t say why, I just thought it was for moral support. Well, I suppose it was for moral support, but I certainly wasn’t expecting what happened.

There were the regular petitions, this person needs a cow, this one needs an extra ration for their ailing mother, etc. It’s hard to watch knowing there’s not a lot that can be done. I mean, there are things that can be done, but not much someone like me could do. The Council’s very… tight fisted. The last woman who came to petition, though, was actually a familiar face. Daria Hollowsen. She’s a former member of the Guard who was around quite a bit while Nika and I were growing up. I think she was stationed on the front at one point, we certainly didn’t see much of her for a few years, but I always remember her as being gruff but kind. Like a favorite aunt who tells you off for doing something reckless, but then teaches you how to do the same thing, just less recklessly. I can thank her for a few of my better swordsmanship habits.

Well, it seems that she retired to the Hollows and came to the Council to speak on behalf of the lower districts and petition for emergency relief. She was blunt, brutally honest and not messing around. Just the way I remember her. I think it took the Council by surprise, though I’m sure more than a few of them knew who she was. When her piece was done, Milena diRascinar spoke up in support. I don’t know her well, Nika’s always been fond of her, and I suppose I can see why. They’re very much alike in many ways. Passionate, stubborn… Anyway, Nika made an argument in favor of Daria’s petition as well, but…

The Council voted to do nothing.

It doesn’t make sense. I mean, yes, the whole city’s hard pressed to find supplies and rations, the whole country’s having a hard time. But… they’re doing nothing. I mean, there has to be something, anything they can do. I don’t know… I’ve never fancied myself a politician or city planner or whatever (that’s Nika’s job), but… I know there’s some answer to this mess out there. And for them to just… shoot their petition down…

Daria seemed furious, and rightly so. She refused to leave without a final word, and hell if it didn’t chill me to the bones. I’d heard rumors, but to hear it from someone in the thick of it… She said there were those who believed the Doom was upon us.

So, I’m worried.

Even if the Council doesn’t see it, there’s something in my bones that’s telling me Daria’s right. And if she is… there might be nothing we can do to stop it. And that means Nika might be in danger…

I don’t know what to do.

– Kaska


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