Nikelaia – 30 Finial 1034

Dear readers,

I fear that the worst of times is upon us. Just yesterday I had the utter DISpleasure of attending the Council’s weekly meet to hear common petitions and would like it noted in the record that the results of this meeting left much to be desired from our supposed civic leadership. I am utterly appalled at the abhorrent disdain the Council has shown towards the plight of the very people they proclaim to protect. The sheer egotistical pompousness with which the Council treated the petitions was a demerit to the entire governmental structure of this country.

This said, I am most disappointed in the lack of action taken by the Council on the grave and dire matter which was brought forward by Daria Hollowsen. (As an aside, dear readers, I must say I was slightly surprised to see Daria, as my brief, but fond, memories of her from my childhood paint her as a rather “punch-first-ask-permission-later” type of individual. It was good to make her acquaintance once again, though I would have hoped it might be under more favorable circumstances.) Daria brought forth a petition on behalf of the people of the Hollows and Ridgebase, calling on the Council to authorize immediate emergency rations to the aforementioned areas. Famine and disease currently plague the lower districts and the situation grows more and more dire each passing day. I had the opportunity to witness the very symptoms Daria spoke of myself, and as such, spoke on her behalf alongside Milena diRascinar. Perhaps I was too optimistic, but I had believed, truly, that such an honest and heartfelt plea for aid, as well as the support of the House of Mara and the Envoy of Kel might sway the Council to our favor. But alas, I placed too much faith in those conceited cretins.

I cannot say that the Council has ever held a warm place in my heart, but I had hoped beyond hope that they might see sense. Certainly, I could authorize a small amount of relief resources, but the Council’s approval would be needed for anything as drastic as what Daria requested.

Those utter imbeciles! Do they not see that while they laugh and drink away their evenings, their own people are starving to death? The lifeblood of this nation is withering away to ashes beneath their very feet! Oh, if I only had the power to drag their ridiculous asses down from their superfluous thrones and force them to see what chaos reigns in the lower districts! They won’t know revolution is at hand until the starving masses are breaking down their very doors.

Ah, but I cannot allow myself to be dissuaded from continuing forward. There is work to be done. My people need me and if the Council will not help them, by the Blessed Mother, I will. Not even rumors of the Doom may stand in my way.

… I know Kaska worries, now that Daria has made it clear what we had only heard in rumors, but I cannot afford to let fear hobble my steps. I know the words of the Doom of Aelis as well as any child born in this kingdom.

When Age strikes your noble house

and Death has ravaged your lands,

judgement shall pass for these crimes.

Famine shall steal into your citadels,

and Wrath take your people.

Ruin shall seek out the House of Mara,

allayed only by blood and sacrifice.

Let it come, I say. I shall meet the challenge with open arms, and if I must fall to repent whatever sin my House has committed, so be it. As long as my people thrive, I will gladly give my life.

But until it comes to pass, best as always.

– Nika


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