Milena – 02 Kalenial 1035

It has been an eventful week, to say the least. Ah, but where to begin?

Daria’s petition did not go over as well as I had hoped. In all honestly, I cannot fathom why and I find myself inconsolably disappointed. How can you not want the best for your people? How can you in good faith, with a clear conscious, decide to deny the most basic of rights to your fellow citizens? I am appalled and confused. In all my years as Ambassador, I have yet to feel such anger and sadness towards the rulers of this fine country. My heart is aggrieved, for these people, for Her Highness, Nikelaia. She spoke so well, with such passion. For the Council to have brushed such passion aside… But if I know that child, she shall not back down easily. Her determination runs deep and I believe she will not be so simply dissuaded. She still wields quite a bit of authority of her own, though without the Council’s support, her task will be much harder.

Oh, and my dear Daria… We have known one another for some twenty odd years now, and in all that time I cannot say that I have seen such rage in her eyes. Not even when she had to dismiss those young men from the Guard following the incident in the Break. True, she is a woman of few words and even less patience, but she carries a great deal of compassion for others. Her heart is set in its morality, and she sticks to it, for better or worse. I recall one night when we were much younger, perhaps a bit too far into our cups… she told me about her upbringing in the Hollows, how her greatest teacher had been the streets, where she learned that you had a responsibility to look out for yourself, but if you were strong enough, you had a responsibility to look out for those too weak to do it themselves. Not many in her situation would have left it with such an understanding of the world, but that is what makes her unique, it is why I admire her so.

Speaking of, I had a rather curious encounter yesterday. I had planned to visit Daria and make sure she was doing alright, following such a disappointing petition. I know her well enough to know that she is more than likely to attempt to drink herself into a state and send some poor soul to the healer when she’s upset. So, off I went with an offering of my own blend of lemon ginger tea and fresh bread from that nice fellow down the street. As can be expected after a Turnyear, the bar above which Daria lives was quite the wreck, but I picked my way through the mess of passed out revelers, chairs and what-not and managed to get to my dear friend’s door. I must say, I was quite surprised to find a young man answering the door upon my knock. Now, I don’t dare to expect that Daria tell me everything about her personal life, but still… I felt a bit, well, bitter to say the least.

I am ashamed to say, I was not quite as polite as I should have been, but once Daria was (quite ruefully) roused from slumber explanations were offered over breakfast. As it turns out, my assumption that Daria would drink herself into a good rage and start a fight was not unfounded, but rather than end with only tears, she also procured a new comrade. The young man’s name is Iona Khiteson, a former squire (though I would not guess it by the look of him; he is rather lean, though I feel he would not appreciate me pointing this out) who had recently fallen out of some unsavory employment and was looking for new lodgings and work. Of course, dearest Daria couldn’t turn away a companion in need, and so a drunken arrangement was met that Iona would stay in her spare room and help with odd jobs. As we conversed, I was quite surpised with how sharp young Iona is, quick to read a situation and clever in his handling of it. I found myself quite taken with him and couldn’t help but think on my own son, dearest Aelin, studying back in Kel. I should think these two would get along quite nicely should they have the chance to meet. Altogether, it was a pleasant visit, and I made sure to wheedle a promise to meet more often out of Daria before taking my leave.

Truly, it is refreshing to spend time with Daria, and I should like to do so more often. I have missed her presence in the upper districts. Ah, but such pleasantries may yet become more and more difficult as the situation in the lower districts worsens. Still, I shall endeavor to continue my work to procure aid for those in need, helping Her Highness as well as I can.

– Milena


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