Full Name: Heir Apparent Eliazar "El" mir Agarath
Age: 28 
Class: Tir
Height: 5'9" 
Weight: 186 lbs 
Hair: black 
Eyes: black
DOB: 24 Manial 1006

The Kodam of the current Samraa, Agarath ir Ihksar, they are a priest of Aja and are married to thier childhood friend, the Minister of War and Samraa Elect, Kahlia ir Mehelzeh. They pride themself on balancing Kahlia’s often explosive personality and take great pains to act as an objective advisor to both Kahlia and their Addam. Often consulted by the Conclave as a whole and by individual Ministers and Clan Leaders, they are well known for being level-headed and strongly supporting the interests of the common people.