Full Name: Samraa Elect Kahlia ir Mehelzeh
Age: 31 
Class: Tamur
Height: 6' 
Weight: 190 lbs 
Hair: dark brown 
Eyes: olive
DOB: 01 Lecial 1003

The Kodam of the famous tactician Mehelzeh, they were raised with a military background and were unanimously voted to the position of Minister of War upon their Addam’s retirement. Married to their childhood friend and Heir Apparent, Eliazar mir Agarath, they were official voted as the Samraa Elect following the successful peace treaty with Maior Dahl. Passionate and clever, they are often quick to make assumptions, but always willing to reassess initial judgements. They are most well known for their dedication to the people, exceptional tactical prowess, and natural leadership. They have two Koda, Aikal mir Kahlia (7) and Zath mir Kahlia (11).