The capital city of Rimbar is located in the southern region of Maior Dahl and is the most populous city in the nation. Rimbar is the home of the royal palace, as well as all higher governmental offices. Before the war, the city was one of the most prosperous trade centers on the continent, with easy access to the Sea of Wraiths via the Lusna River. However, the war with Durro greatly damaged Maior Dahl’s trade relations with their neighbors, particularly the island nation to the east, Kalkinra.

Rimbar is divided into twelve (now thirteen) administrative neighborhoods, which ring the central citadel where the palace sits. The further from the center these districts are, the poorer they tend to be. Certain districts are known for particular crafts or occupations, such as the blacksmith’s and jeweler’s shops in Wendar and the Consortium in Medolan. The districts are as follows (innermost to outermost):

– Garmont
– Medolan
– Kahlwood
– Clearfont
– Wendar
– Guildhold
– Wethwick
– The Rafter
– Sorstill
– Mirside
– The Break
– The Hollows
– Ridgebase (actually outside of the walls)